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CrowdSec - Real-time & crowdsourced protection against aggressive IPs

Easy to Setup and Use

CrowdSec is easy to install, deploy and use regardless of your knowledge. You don't need to be a security master to enjoy its full capabilities.


CrowdSec is able to process both live and old logs, which makes it false-positive resilient.


CrowdSec is instrumented with Metabase & Prometheus to generate out-of-the-box dashboards and monitor activity across your assets.


All components communicate via HTTP API, making it easy to cover complex setups.


You can share malevolent IP data with your fellow users, have each other's backs and outnumber hackers.

Open Source

CrowdSec is as open source and free as it can be through an MIT license. No back doors. No shenanigans.

Examples of detected behaviors