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List configurations

cscli list

List enabled configs


List enabled configurations (parser/scenarios/collections) on your host.

It is possible to list also configuration from Crowdsec Hub with the '-a' options.

[type] must be parsers, scenarios, postoverflows, collections

cscli list [-a] [flags]


cscli list  # List all local configurations
cscli list [type] # List all local configuration of type [type]
cscli list -a # List all local and remote configurations


  -a, --all    List as well disabled items
  -h, --help   help for list

Options inherited from parent commands

  -c, --config string   path to crowdsec config file (default "/etc/crowdsec/config/default.yaml")
      --debug           Set logging to debug.
      --error           Set logging to error.
      --info            Set logging to info.
  -o, --output string   Output format : human, json, raw. (default "human")
      --warning         Set logging to warning.