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Crowdsec can expose a prometheus endpoint for collection (on by default).

The goal of this endpoint, besides the usual resources consumption monitoring, aims at offering a view of Crowdsec "applicative" behavior :

  • is it processing a lot of logs ? is it parsing them successfully ?
  • are a lot of scenarios being triggered ?
  • are a lot of IPs banned ?
  • etc.

All the counters are "since Crowdsec start".

Metrics details


  • cs_buckets : number of scenario that currently exist
  • cs_bucket_created_total : total number of instantiation of each scenario
  • cs_bucket_overflowed_total : total number of overflow of each scenario
  • cs_bucket_underflowed_total : total number of underflow of each scenario (bucket was created but expired because of lack of events)
  • cs_bucket_poured_total : total number of event poured to each scenario with source as complementary key
#2030 lines from `/var/log/nginx/access.log` were poured to `crowdsecurity/http-scan-uniques_404` scenario
cs_bucket_poured_total{name="crowdsecurity/http-scan-uniques_404",source="/var/log/nginx/access.log"} 2030


  • cs_node_hits_total : how many time an event from a specific source was processed by a parser node :
# 235 lines from `auth.log` were processed by the `crowdsecurity/dateparse-enrich` parser
cs_node_hits_total{name="crowdsecurity/dateparse-enrich",source="/var/log/auth.log"} 235
  • cs_node_hits_ko_total : how many times an event from a specific was unsuccessfully parsed by a specific parser
# 2112 lines from `error.log` failed to be parsed by `crowdsecurity/http-logs`
cs_node_hits_ko_total{name="crowdsecurity/http-logs",source="/var/log/nginx/error.log"} 2112
  • cs_node_hits_ok_total : how many times an event from a specific source was successfully parsed by a specific parser

  • cs_parser_hits_total : how many times an event from a source has hit the parser

  • cs_parser_hits_ok_total : how many times an event from a source was successfully parsed
  • cs_parser_hits_ko_total : how many times an event from a source was unsuccessfully parsed


  • cs_reader_hits_total : how many events were read from a specific source


  • cs_info : Information about Crowdsec (software version)

Exploitation with prometheus server & grafana

Those metrics can be scaped by prometheus server and visualized with grafana. They can be downloaded here :