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Some requirements are needed in order to be able to write your own end-to-end configurations. During all this documentation, we are going to show as an exemple how we wrote a full port scan detection scenario (from acqusition to scenario, including parser)

Create the test environment

First of all, please download the latest release of Crowdsec.

Then run the following commands:

tar xzvf crowdsec-release.tgz
cd ./crowdsec-vX.Y/
./  # the -o is facultative, default is "./tests/"
cd ./tests/

The ./ script creates a local (non privileged) working environement for Crowdsec and cscli. The deployed environment is intended to write and test parsers and scenarios easily.

$ tar xzvf ./crowdsec-release.tgz
$ cd ./crowdsec-v0.0.18/
$ ./ 
[09/05/2020:20:02:19][INFO] Creating test arboresence in /tmp/crowdsec-v0.0.18/tests
[09/05/2020:20:02:19][INFO] Arboresence created
[09/05/2020:20:02:19][INFO] Copying needed files for tests environment
[09/05/2020:20:02:19][INFO] Files copied
[09/05/2020:20:02:19][INFO] Setting up configurations
INFO[0000] Failed to open config /tmp/crowdsec-v0.0.18/tests/config/crowdsec-cli/config : open /tmp/crowdsec-v0.0.18/tests/config/crowdsec-cli/config: no such file or directory 
WARN[0000] creating skeleton!                           
INFO[0000] wrote config to /tmp/crowdsec-v0.0.18/tests/config/crowdsec-cli/config  
INFO[0000] wrote config to /tmp/crowdsec-v0.0.18/tests/config/crowdsec-cli/config  
INFO[0000] Wrote new 45625 bytes index to /tmp/crowdsec-v0.0.18/tests/config/crowdsec-cli/.index.json 
INFO[0000] crowdsecurity/syslog-logs : OK               
INFO[0000] crowdsecurity/geoip-enrich : OK              
INFO[0000] crowdsecurity/dateparse-enrich : OK          
INFO[0001] crowdsecurity/linux : OK                     
INFO[0001] /tmp/crowdsec-v0.0.18/tests/config/collections doesn\'t exist, create 
INFO[0001] /tmp/crowdsec-v0.0.18/tests/config/parsers/s00-raw doesn\'t exist, create 
INFO[0001] Enabled parsers : crowdsecurity/syslog-logs  
INFO[0001] /tmp/crowdsec-v0.0.18/tests/config/parsers/s02-enrich doesn\'t exist, create 
INFO[0001] Enabled parsers : crowdsecurity/geoip-enrich 
INFO[0001] Enabled parsers : crowdsecurity/dateparse-enrich 
INFO[0001] Enabled collections : crowdsecurity/linux    
INFO[0001] Enabled crowdsecurity/linux                  
[09/05/2020:20:02:20][INFO] Environment is ready in /tmp/crowdsec-v0.0.18/tests

ⓘ Reminder

Logs parsing is divided into stage, and each stage can contain one or more parser. Stages are named using a "sXX-" convention, and are processed in the alphabetical order. When a log is successfully parsed by a node that is configured to go in next_stage, the event is forwarded to the next stage (and the remaining parsers of the current stage aren't parsed).

Stages and parsers are being processed alphabetically, thus the expected order would be :




Default stages

  • The preliminary stage (s00-raw) is mostly the one that will parse the structure of the log. This is where syslog-logs are parsed for example. Such a parser will parse the syslog header to detect the program source.

  • The main stage (s01-parse) is the one that will parse actual applications logs and output parsed data and static assigned values. There is one parser for each type of software. To parse the logs, regexp or GROK pattern are used. If the parser is configured to go to the next_stage, then it will be process by the enrichment stage.

  • The enrichment (s02-enrich) stage is the one that will enrich the normalized log (we call it an event now that it is normalized) in order to get more information for the heuristic process. This stage can be composed of grok patterns and so on, but as well of plugins that can be writen by the community (geiop enrichment, rdns ...) for example geoip-enrich.

You can now jump to the next step : writing our own parser !

Custom stage

It is possible to write custom stage. If you want some specific parsing or enrichment to be done after the s02-enrich stage, it is possible by creating a new folder s03-<custom_stage> (and so on). The configuration that will be created in this folder will process the logs configured to go to next_stage in the s02-enrich stage.