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Cscli decisions add

cscli decisions add

Add decision to LAPI

cscli decisions add [options] [flags]


cscli decisions add --ip
cscli decisions add --range
cscli decisions add --ip --duration 24h --type captcha
cscli decisions add --scope username --value foobar


  -i, --ip string         Source ip (shorthand for --scope ip --value <IP>)
  -r, --range string      Range source ip (shorthand for --scope range --value <RANGE>)
  -d, --duration string   Decision duration (ie. 1h,4h,30m) (default "4h")
  -v, --value string      The value (ie. --scope username --value foobar)
      --scope string      Decision scope (ie. ip,range,username) (default "Ip")
  -R, --reason string     Decision reason (ie. scenario-name)
  -t, --type string       Decision type (ie. ban,captcha,throttle) (default "ban")
  -h, --help              help for add

Options inherited from parent commands

  -c, --config string   path to crowdsec config file (default "/etc/crowdsec/config.yaml")
      --debug           Set logging to debug.
      --error           Set logging to error.
      --info            Set logging to info.
  -o, --output string   Output format : human, json, raw.
      --trace           Set logging to trace.
      --warning         Set logging to warning.