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Syslog Acquisition

This module allows crowdsec to expose a syslog server, and ingest logs directly from another syslog server (or any software that knows how to forward logs with syslog).

Only UDP is supported.

Syslog messages must conform either to RFC3164 or RFC5424, and can be up to 2048 bytes long by default (this value is configurable).

Configuration Parameters

  • listen_addr: Address on which the syslog will listen. Defaults to
  • listen_port: UDP port used by the syslog server. Defaults to 514.
  • max_message_len: Maximum length of a syslog message (including priority and facility). Defaults to 2048.
  • source: Must be syslog

A basic configuration is as follows:

source: syslog
listen_port: 4242
 type: syslog

DSN and command-line

This module does not support command-line acquisition.