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Write the acquisition file (optional for test)

In order for your log to be processed by the good parser, it must match the filter that you will configure in your parser file.

The filters of the parsers in the first (s00-raw) stage will usually check evt.Line.Labels.type, which is the label of your acquisition file :

With an acquisition file like this :

filename: /path/to/log/file.log
  type: my_program
  • The log line will enter the parsing pipeline with evt.Line.Labels.type set to my_program
  • The parsers in the 1st stage (s00-raw) are dealing with the raw format, and the program name will end up in evt.Parsed.program
  • When the log line arrive the main parsing stage (s01-parse), evt.Parsed.program will be my_program

For example, this file line(s) :

filename: /var/log/nginx/access.log
  type: nginx

will be read by this parser :

filter: "evt.Parsed.program startsWith 'nginx'"
onsuccess: next_stage