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Version: v1.6.0

Contributing basics

  • Write Crowdsec documentation in Markdown and build the Crowdsec documentation using docusaurus
  • Docusaurus uses markdown and MDX
  • The source code is in GitHub
  • The documentation is versioned and changes should be made across the relevant versions

Tools for contributors

Crowdsec documentation is rendered using docusaurus :

  • Documentation can be rendered locally
  • PRs are rendered using amplify to staging env

Rendering locally

  • Clone the github repository

  • Run docusaurus locally

cd crowdsec-docs/
npm run start


Once you open a pull request on the documentation repository, it will be rendered on a staging environement to facilitate the review process.


Once you have made your local changes, open a pull request (PR). If your change is small or you're unfamiliar with git, you can make your changes using Github web editor.

In both cases, please make sure to include a meaningful description in your PR to facilitate review and triage.

Once your change is accepted or further requested changes are made, it will be merged.