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Version: v1.5.0

MISP Plugin

A MISP hover plugin which allows you to get knowledge from CrowdSec's CTI API upon hovering an IP in your MISP instance.


Setting up plugin server

The plugin will be soon included in MISP's official plugin repo.

The development version can be found on crowdsec's fork.

Install the fork via by following instuctions given here . Make sure to subsitute repository address as required.

Configure the plugin

  1. Navigate to plugin settings page at http://<your_misp_address>/servers/serverSettings/Plugin

  2. Click on Enrichment.

  3. Set the value of Plugin.Enrichment_crowdsec_enabled to true

  4. Set the value of Plugin.Enrichment_crowdsec_api_key to your CTI API key. See instructions to obtain it

  5. Set the value of Plugin.Enrichment_crowdsec_api_version to "v2".

Done !


  1. Simply click on hover button on any IP attribute.

MISP hover

  1. Upon clicking the hover icon, you would see the knowledge about the IP obtained from CrowdSec's CTI.

MISP CrowdSec Hover