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$ID will be used as the placeholder for your enrollment ID, you can find this within the console.


To obtain an overview of your alerts, you can enroll a Security Engine in the console. This procedure is executed using the following cscli command:

sudo cscli console enroll $ID

Docker / Podman


Docker commands are interchangeable with podman.

If you are using Docker, you can enroll the Security Engine by setting the enrollment ID as an environment variable:

docker run -e ENROLL_KEY=$ID crowdsecurity/crowdsec

If you already have an existing deployment in operation, you can also enroll it by utilizing the cscli command:

docker exec -it <CONTAINER_ID> cscli console enroll $ID

If you are employing automatic deployments, you can automate the enrollment process based on your system:

K8s / Helm

Kubernetes (K8s) and Helm utilize our standard container image, allowing you to use the enrollment ID as an environment variable:

- name: ENROLL_KEY
value: $ID

Note that we are placing it within the LAPI environment NOT the agent, as the agent is not responsible for the enrollment process.

Chef, Puppet, Ansible

If you utilize a configuration management tool, you have the option to enroll the Security Engine using the cscli command:

sudo cscli console enroll $ID


Where can I find my enrollment key?

Your enrollment key can be located within the console.

After authentication, you can find the key by clicking the Add Security Engine button on the Security Engines page.

My security engine is failing to connect to the console?

Both the Security Engine and cscli require internet access, which can be achieved through a proxy or direct connection.

If you are using a proxy, you can configure it using the GOLANG HTTP_PROXY and HTTPS_PROXY environment variables.

My security engine has already been enrolled on another account, can I transfer it?

Yes, you have the ability to transfer the Security Engine from within the console interface to another organization.

If, for any reason, you are unable to access the old account, you can trigger the new enrollment by using the cscli command with the overwrite flag:

sudo cscli console enroll $ID --overwrite