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Version: v1.5.0


Get started with the Console

Get started with the Console

Watch a short series of videos on how to get started with the CrowdSec Console and enroll your first Security Engine

Learn with CrowdSec Academy

The console is a web interface hosted by crowdsec that allows you to get even more from crowdsec :

  • aggregate, tag and classify your instances (without having them share a common local API)
  • view/filter/export alerts in real-time
  • get statistics and insights on your alerts compared
  • organization management, MFA and more
  • and much more


Once your registration done, follow the tour !

You will be able to register any instance directly from cscli :

sudo cscli console enroll <id> 

And see what's going in the console :



CrowdSec ConsoleCrowdSec Console