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Version: v1.5.0

Getting Started

Getting Started​

You want to contribute to Crowdsec? Fantastic!

In order to achieve this, this guide will provide you with all the needed information and guidance πŸ‘


The main comunication channels of the project are:

  • discord: Discord is the most common communication medium of the project, and is especially suitable for live interactions (chatting).
  • discourse: Discourse is a forum and is very useful to expose ideas and suggestions, or simply to formulate a question to which you didn't find answer on discord.
  • github: Issues and Pull Requests are used to expose bugs and suggestions in a more formal way.

Do not hesitate to join & ask your questions!

Making your first contribution​

Find something to work on​

The first step to getting starting is to find something to work on. Help is always welcome, and no contribution is too small!

Here are some things you can do today to start contributing:

  • Help improve the documentation
  • Clarify code, variables, or functions that can be renamed or commented on
  • Write test coverage
  • Help triage issues

Find a good first topic​

There are multiple repositories within the Crowdsecurity organization. Each repository has beginner-friendly issues that are a great place to get started on your contributor journey. For example, crowdsecurity/crowdsec and crowdsecurity/hub have help wanted and good first issue labels for issues that don’t need high-level Crowdsec knowledge to contribute to. The good first issue label also indicates that Crowdsecurity Members are committed to providing extra assistance for new contributors. Another way to get started is to find a documentation improvement, such as a missing/broken link, which will give you exposure to the code submission/review process without the added complication of technical depth.

Contribution rules​

The main components of the project have their dedicated contribution pages :