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Blocklist Details

To assist in deciding which blocklists to implement on your infrastructure, various statistics are available, offering a detailed insight into the benefits of using the Blocklist.


The first section gives info about the popularity of the list among CrowdSec users

  • A new feature to give the possibility to rate a list when installed is under development
  • The number of users who have subscribed to the list
  • The amount of IPs that have been seen by the CrowdSec Community vs the amount that are in the list

Data Insights

The following insights use two main approaches to demonstrate the overall quality of the data provided by the list:

  • The frequency and impact of updates
  • The quality of the content can be composed of 4 different metrics:
    • For curated third-party blocklists, the number of IPs removed due to being identified as false positives by CrowdSec.
    • The quantity of IPs that are also present in the CrowdSec Intelligence blocklist (LINK to CSI explanation).
    • The number of IPs that have been reportedly seen by CrowdSec agents.
    • The amount of IPs unique to this blocklist, not present in any other blocklist.

While exploring the Console, you can hover on the information circles next to each metric to get a refresher on what they signify.


Hovering over the circled graph displays the precise percentage of items related to the statistic.

Blocklist Insights

  • Top behaviors in the list
  • Top classifications in the list
  • Most reported IP's in the blocklist (You can click on the IP to search for it in the CrowdSec CTI)
  • Most reported ASN's in the blocklist

The content of the blocklist is enriched against CrowdSec CTI to provide high-value meta-data about the most aggressive actors listed by the Blocklist.