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General overview

The blocklists are essentially compilations of IP addresses.

Most of these IPs have been involved in different forms of cyberattacks, or have been active on potentially malicious networks (Tor nodes, proxy, VPN, etc ...).

The purpose of CrowdSec blocklists is to proactively protect your infrastructure and assets by preventing these unsafe actors from interacting with your systems. When an IP address is added to a blocklist, any attempts from it to access your infrastructure are automatically blocked.

Blocklist types

Curated Third Party Blocklists

Curated third party blocklists are lists that are freely available on the internet but have been passed through our curation processs to ensure any false positives that may be present are removed.

🥇 CrowdSec Premium Blocklists

CrowdSec Premium blocklists are lists that are exclusively composed of the data shared by the CrowdSec community. These blocklists are composed of advanced AI systems based on the data shared by the CrowdSec community.