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Maltego Transforms

Maltego transforms, which allow users to enrich IP entities in maltego with CrowdSec CTI intelligence.In this documentation we'll answer the following questions:

  • How to create your private TDS (pTDS)
  • Where to install and configure the crowdsec transforms
  • What our 11 transforms do

Deployment Guide


Make sure your instance has docker and docker compose installed. The instance should have a public IP.


Starting the transform server

Clone the repo and cd into it and start docker compose:

git clone
cd maltego-transforms
docker compose up

Modify settings to point to your IP

With your current working directory being in the cloned repo. Run the following command to point the settings to your instance's IP

sed -i "s/my_ip/" transforms.csv

Replace with your instance's IP

Registering at pTDS

Importing Transforms
  1. Navigate your browser to pTDS website

  2. Create an account and login.

  3. Navigate to Transforms

  4. Click on import Transforms.

  5. Click on Choose File and navigate to transforms.csv file we modified earlier.

  6. Finally click on Import Transform Button

Creating a Seed
  1. Navigate to Seeds

  2. Click on Add Seed Button.

  3. Fill in the Seed Name, with name of your choice.

  4. Click on the Transforms dropdown and select all the CrowdSec Transforms.

  5. Click on the Add Seed Button.

Done ! You can now share the Seed URL to maltego clients, and they'd be able to use the transforms.

User Guide


Registering the Seed URL

In your maltego client register the Seed URL we created in the above deployment guide by following this guide

Adding CrowdSec API key to the transforms

  1. Obtain the CrowdSec CTI API key by following this guide.

  2. Follow this guide except select CrowdSec Transform Server.

  3. Copy paste the API key in the API key field in the tranform properties

Done !


All the CrowdSec transforms take the builtin IP entity as an input. You'd have an option to run them whenever you right click an IP entity. A caching system allows you to run multiple transforms on the same IP without consuming your quotas for each transform. The cache expiration can be found in the transform settings.

As per your requirements you can either run multiple transforms or just a single one.

Below is a reference to what each transform does.

Transform reference


Adds AS entity for an IP by leveraging CrowdSec CTI data

AS entity


Adds activity details properties to an IP using CrowdSec data.


Attaches CrowdSec CTI API response as a property to IP entity.


Creates a behaviour entity for an IP by leveraging CrowdSec CTI data



Creates classification details entities for an IP using CrowdSec data.



Creates an IP range entity for an IP by leveraging CrowdSec CTI data.

IP Range


Adds location entities by leveraging CrowdSec CTI data.


Creates Reverse DNS entity for an IP by leveraging CrowdSec CTI data

Reverse DNS


Creates entites for scenarios triggered by IP using CrowdSec CTI data.



Adds score details for an IP by using CrowdSec CTI.


Links IP entity with countries most attacked by it, using CrowdSec data.