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Installation FreeBSD

Before getting started it is advised to read the prerequisites page to understand the requirements for running CrowdSec.

Configuring the repositories

FreeBSD packages are available in the official repositories.

By default, the command pkg install should use the quarterly releases (January, April, July and October, updated with security fixes).

You can check /etc/pkg/FreeBSD.conf and change quarterly to latest if you feel comfortable upgrading your system.

Install Security Engine

The CrowdSec package itself can be installed with:

sudo pkg install crowdsec

You'll see a message that tells you how to activate the service:

Enable Service

sudo sysrc crowdsec_enable="YES"
Command Output
crowdsec_enable:  -> YES

Start Service

sudo service crowdsec start
Command Output
Fetching hub inventory
INFO[21-12-2021 03:13:35 PM] Wrote new 197364 bytes index to /usr/local/etc/crowdsec/hub/.index.json

Install Remediation Component


Security Engine by itself is a detection engine, it will not block anything. You need to install a Remediation Component to enforce decisions

For the quick start guide we will be installing the PF firewall Remediation Component. (This may not be optimal for your environment, please refer to the Remediation Documentation for more information)

To install

sudo pkg install crowdsec-firewall-bouncer

Then you must enable it with the following commands:

Enable Service

sudo sysrc crowdsec_firewall_enable="YES"
Command Output
crowdsec_firewall_enable:  -> YES

Start Service

sudo service crowdsec_firewall start
Command Output
Registered: cs-firewall-bouncer-ZjpcXlUx

Next Steps?

Great, you now have CrowdSec installed on your system. Within the post installation steps you will find the next steps to configure and optimize your installation.