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Getting Started


This is an enterprise plan feature

What is the Service API ?

The Service API, SAPI for short, provides access to selected CrowdSec SaaS features. New SaaS features will usually appear on SAPI first before getting their UI counterpart. The current capabilities of this API are:

  • Blocklist creation & management
    • Allowing you to create private blocklists and share them
    • As well as subscribing to any of the blocklists available to your organization
  • Integrations endpoints creation & management

Getting your API keys

The CrowdSec Service API uses API keys to authenticate requests. You can create an API key in the CrowdSec Console by:

  1. Logging in to the CrowdSec Console and go to the Settings page.


  1. Click on the Service API Keys section.


  1. Click on the Create API Key button, fill in the form, set the permissions you want to grant.


  1. Click on the Create key button.


API Specifications

You can find a detailed description of the API in multiple formats here: