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Version: v1.3.0

cscli explain

cscli explain

Explain log pipeline


Explain log pipeline

cscli explain [flags]


cscli explain --file ./myfile.log --type nginx
cscli explain --log "Sep 19 18:33:22 scw-d95986 sshd[24347]: pam_unix(sshd:auth): authentication failure; logname= uid=0 euid=0 tty=ssh ruser= rhost=" --type syslog
cscli explain --dsn "file://myfile.log" --type nginx

Hint: if your are creating/collecting data on the fly (over a network, for example) and want to avoid temporary files, you can use cscli explain --file /dev/fd/0 or cscli explain -dsn "file://dev/fd/0" to refer to standard input.


  -d, --dsn string    DSN to test
-f, --file string Log file to test
-h, --help help for explain
-l, --log string Lgg line to test
-t, --type string Type of the acquisition to test
-v, --verbose Display individual changes

Options inherited from parent commands

  -c, --config string   path to crowdsec config file (default "/etc/crowdsec/config.yaml")
--debug Set logging to debug.
--error Set logging to error.
--info Set logging to info.
-o, --output string Output format : human, json, raw.
--trace Set logging to trace.
--warning Set logging to warning.


  • cscli - cscli allows you to manage crowdsec